All the best, hard-to-find cartoons of yesteryear

Another in the ‘Hunter Trilogy’, We again see Bugs and Daffy each try to get Elmer to shoot the other. Of course, we all know who will win, don’t we!

Bugs Bunny tricks Yosemite Sam into diving from a high tower repeatedly – but Sam deserves it as he wanted the bunny to do it!

In 17th Century England. Sam, Duke of Yosemite, finds out that his uncle, the King, has decided to cut off his allowance. Bugs Bunny comes to his door offering one million pounds – if Sam can keep his temper!

Bugs emerges from his hole in a city park, reading the newspaper on his way to the nearest bank, to withdraw some carrots. Unbeknownst to Bugs, Mugsy drives up to the bank, which Rocky robs. Bugs accidentally walks into Rocky and Mugsy’s getaway car – mistaking it for a taxi – and also mistaking the giant bags of cash for laundry,