Opening scene: A snowy mountain.

The camera pans down to show ice flows extending into the ocean.

A tunnel is being dug through the snow. The tunnel digging stops with a flourish and a bottle marked ‘Sun-tan Lotion’ is thrown out onto the snow, followed by a pair of red sunglasses and a book entitled “Fun on the Beach”. A deck chair, large beach umbrella and bucket of carrots in ice are thrown out of the hole, well arranged. Bugs Bunny leaps out of the hole wearing an old-fashioned neck-to-knee bathing suit and water wings. He rushes across the snow without stopping to look where he is.

Bugs Bunny (yelling excitedly): Miami beach at last!

Bugs continues running across the snow

Bugs Bunny: Last one in’s a rotten egg! Make way! Yahooooo!

Bugs dives into the water. The water he displaces freezes in a water-spout shaped splash before it can fall back down.

Bugs throws himself out of the water and runs backwards back to his hole, so cold he is blue. When he stops beside the hole he is shivering so much his knees are knocking.

Bugs Bunny: Jumping ice cubes! Its freezing! Brrr!

Bugs finally looks around

Bugs Bunny: Hey, wait a minute. This don’t look like Miami Beach to me. Hmm… This looks more like California.

Bugs reaches into the rabbit hole and pulls out a map.

Bugs Bunny: Ah, lets see now. Ahhhh… South Pole! Oh I get it! I should have turned left at Albuquerque

As Bugs looks at the map, a small penguin runs straight through him and knocks him off his feet. The penguin continues away without stopping to apologize.

Bugs Bunny: Hey! Watch it you little runt! What’s the hurry? Where’s the fi-

Bugs, just getting up, is again knocked over, this time by an Eskimo

Bugs Bunny: Hey you big palooka! Watch where you’re going!

The eskimo returns, carrying a spear and glares at Bugs

Eskimo: Huh?

Bugs Bunny: Neee… What’s Up Doc?

Eskimo (incoherent): Umm gralla umms oom!

The eskimo has his hands together to show something about so big

Bugs Bunny: Huh? … Oh, the little guy? Oh, he went that way, Nanook

Bugs points in the wrong direction. The eskimo dashes off that way.

Bugs Bunny: A lot of traffic along here. Lets see now, where was I?

New scene

Bugs is singing while throwing everything back into the rabbit hole.

Bugs Bunny: :sings: ’cause I’m yearning to turning up the surf on old Miami B-eeach!

Bugs is just about to dive back in his rabbit hole when he sees something

Bugs Bunny: Huh?

We see the same penguin, this time standing still and making big eyes at Bugs. THe penguin chest is heaving, as if he has been crying, or running a long way.

Bugs Bunny: Oh, you. Well, you’re safe now kid. So trot along to your party before you get your tuxedo all wrinkled up

Bugs gets into his hole

Bugs Bunny: Yeah, bye-bye.

Bugs stops, with only his head and shoulders still out of the rabbit hole.

Bugs Bunny: Here, wait a minute. Let me fix you up a bit.

Bugs rummages around in the rabbit hole and comes out with a bow tie and top hat, which he puts on the penguin

Bugs Bunny: Yeah. it ain’t every day you go formal. Hmmm.. not bad, you’ll knock ’em dead, kid! Now go on, pin the tail on the donkey.

Bugs pushes the penguin, who toddles away.

Bugs Bunny: Yeah, Mr Warner only gave me two weeks vacation and I’ve already lost enough time. So long kid!

We see the penguin toddling away, still wearing the top hat.

Bugs Bunny: I’ll send you a momentum (sic) from Miami!

The penguin is out of sight and Bugs dusts his hands clean

Bugs Bunny: There, that about cleans it up

Bugs puts his hands together to dive into the rabbit hole.

Bugs Bunny: Miami, here I come!

Behind Bugs, the penguin walks back in-scene.

Bugs dives into his rabbit hole

The penguin jumps in after him.

Bugs Bunny: Nah! No you don’t!

Bugs throws the penguin out of the rabbit hole

The penguin jumps back in and Bugs throws him out again, and comes back out himself.

Bugs Bunny: You cant go with me. I travel light and fast and I can’t –

The penguin dives between Bugs’ legs, back into the hole

Bugs Bunny: Hey, come out of there!

Bugs pulls the penguin out of the hole and holds him in the palm of his hand

Bugs Bunny: Look, kid – its not that I don’t like you, see? Some of my best friends are boirds. Its just that I, err

The penguin is about to burst into tears. Bugs puts him down.

Bugs Bunny: Wait, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll spend part of my vacation here with you. OK?

The little penguin jumps up and down and claps his flippers.

Bugs Bunny: You’ll be satisfied with that, won’t you?

New scene:

Bugs and the penguin walk across the snow, hand in hand. Bugs is still wearing his swimming costume.

Bugs Bunny: Ok, lets start having fun. Ooh!

Bugs points into the distance

Bugs Bunny: look at that 4-legged airplane!

Bugs gives the little penguin a push with his foot that sends him sliding away down a nearby slope

Bugs Bunny: Well, thats that!

Bugs turns away, but turns back immediately as he sees something out of the corner of his eye

Bugs Bunny: Huh?

Bugs looks horrified

The little penguin slides straight into a sack that the eskimo is holding.

Bugs Bunny: Oh well, its none of my business. I’m not my penguin’s keeper. :sings: ’cause I’m yearning to be turning up the surf on old miami beach

Bugs dives into his rabbit hole, but comes back up looking horrified with himself. He hops out of the rabbit hole looking very angry and rolling up his sleeves.

Bugs Bunny: Why that dirty, no good..

Bugs turns to face the camera

Bugs Bunny: Well, you didn’t think for a minute that I was going to let that bully – Well, what I mean is – you wouldn’t want that I should desert the little guy, and – Ohhh!!! always something! I’ll never get to Miami!

New scene

The eskimo walks over the snow, the sack over his shoulder and a spear in his hand. Suddenly his eyes bug out of his head.

Sultry music plays and Bugs, dressed as a curvaceous lady eskimo comes out of a cave and giggles, then walks away from the eskimo.

The eskimo’s eyes draws Bugs curvy outline.

The eskimo dashes over to Bugs and puckers up for a kiss

Bugs pretends to just notice that the eskimo has a sack.

Bugs Bunny: Oh, you darling!

Bugs grabs the sack and looks inside

Bugs Bunny: Just what I always wanted,

The eskimo looks all shy

Bugs Bunny: You really shouldn’t have

Bugs shakes the penguin out of the sack and pushes him over a small ledge, where he slides away, out of danger

The eskimo is still puckering up for a kiss, so Bugs gives him a tiny kiss. While the eskimo is electrified, Bugs wipes his mouth clean with the back of his hand.

The eskimo dashes off and comes back with a large fish for Bugs.

Bugs tries the fish on as a hat and admires his reflection in the ice.

Bugs Bunny: Its just too, too divine. Simply trés chic.

Bugs turns around to where the eskimo is puckering up for another kiss

Bugs Bunny (girl voice): Oh, you’re just awful!

Bugs socks the eskimo with the fish, knocking him off his feet.
The eskimo comes up seeing stars, but seems even more interested in Bugs.
He grabs Bugs, but the sudden motion knocks off Bugs’ hood, revealing his ears.
The love hearts circling the eskimo’s head pop like bubbles and he suddenly looks very upset indeed.
Bugs socks him again with the fish, drops the disguise and slides away across the ice.
The eskimo follows him.

The two ski around precipices and across snowy hillsides, the eskimo pursuing Bugs.

Skiing either side of a ravine, they both almost do the splits, and Bugs manages to temporarily twist his legs around each other.

The eskimo skis up to a height and drop onto Bugs. They slide together out to the end of a piece of ice that turns out to be at a great height over the ocean.

Bugs Bunny (making light of the situation): Heehee. Shall we dance?

Then Bugs has had enough

Bugs Bunny: Get off of me you big baboon!

Then the piece of ice that they are sitting on the end of, starts to break off.

Bugs Bunny: Now see what you got us into!

The ice tilts down some more

Bugs Bunny: Stop breathing so hard

The ice tilts down some more. They are both hanging off the end now.
The eskimo suddenly has to sneeze. Bugs puts his finger under the eskimo’s nose to stop him.

Then Bugs sneezes suddenly.

The ice breaks and is hanging by a thread.

The penguin is standing at the top of the ledge. He knocks a tiny snowflake onto the hanging ice and, like the straw that broke the camel’s back, it breaks the ice off.

As they fall, the penguin runs away and comes back with a bucket of water and throws it after. In defiance of gravity, the water falls faster than Bugs and the eskimo and catches up with them, freezing onto the piece of ice to make a new icicle.

They stop falling, and the eskimo starts climbing back up the icicle. Bugs realizes they have stopped just above the ground and steps off.

Bugs Bunny: What a dope! What an eskimo pie head!

The eskimo hears him and tries to jump down onto him.

Bugs carefully steps aside just at the right moment and the eskimo misses him, to fall through what turns out to be a thin layer of ice.

The eskimo falls further, to land on the spout of a whale. who swims away with the eskimo.

Bugs Bunny: Phew! Well, thats that.

Bugs walks away brushing his hands clean and then stops suddenly when he sees the little penguin, who is making sad eyes at Bugs.

Bugs Bunny: Oh, you again! Well, scram. You’ve already ruined my vacation. Why I ought to bang you one on your little kisser.

The penguin starts crying ice cubes.

Bugs Bunny: Oh, alright alright! Turn off the ice factory.

Bugs cleans up the little penguin with his pocket handkerchief.

Bugs Bunny: There. Thats better.

Bugs puts away his hankie.

Bugs Bunny: I’m sorry, but what am I gonna do with only 4 days vacation left?

The little penguin motions Bugs closer, then whispers in his ear.

Bugs Bunny: What, you mean the days are 6 months long up here?

The little penguin nods a lot

Bugs Bunny: Hmmm…

Bugs thinks to himself then looks amazed.

Bugs Bunny: Wow! If I stay up here I won’t to have to be back to work until July 1953!

Bugs dashes away and comes back in a sloppy looking tuxedo

Bugs Bunny: I always wanted a nice long formal vacation. Lets go, kid!

Bugs and the little penguin walk away hand in hand, with the southern aurora behind them.

Thats all, folks!