A Bugs Bunny cartoon in the older style, we see Bugs back when he was just a little bit nastier than the wabbit we know and love.


Opening Scene:

A forest. We hear hunting – horns and dogs and men’s voices – in the distance.

Bugs runs on scene, through some bushes. He looks behind him and looks afraid and runs, tripping and falling, in terror.
He comes to an area of the forest that is too thick for him to get through, and stops, hot, thirsty and exhausted.

Bugs Bunny, gasping: I’m trapped! I’ve got to get out of this! … please, please…

The dogs continue baying. Elmer Fudd comes on scene, rifle in hand.

Elmer Fudd, pointing: Oh, boy! They trapped the rabbit! Hehehehe

He runs over, pointing his gun at Bugs

A pack of hunting dogs is baying up a tree.

Bugs is pretending to be one of them, ears down and umping up and down on all fours and barking.

One by one the other dogs notice him and stop barking to stare at him. Bugs is the last one left barking.

Bugs Bunny, laughing nervously: Look fellows, I’m Rin Tin Tin.

Bugs barks more, to prove his dogness.

Elmer walks up and pins Bugs against the tree with his rifle.

Elmer Fudd: Now I got you! You’re a dead wabbit!

A boy in a messenger’s uniform arrives on a motor scooter .

Messenger: Telegram for Elmer Fudd

Elmer takes the telegram and the messenger rides off through the forest on his motor scooter.

Elmer reads the telegram

Bugs leans over his shoulder.

Bugs Bunny: Ehhh… What’s up, Doc?

Bugs puts his arm around Elmer, so they are both reading the telegram

The telegram is shown on screen. Elmer reads it for us.

Elmer Fudd: Dear Nephew. Am leaving you Three Million Dollars in my will. Uncle Louie

Elmer gets excited and jumps up and down

Elmer Fudd: Oh, boy, I’m rich! I’m rich!

Then Elmer notices the PS, which we did not see earlier. Elmer reads it to us.

Elmer Fudd, reads: PS But you don’t get one cent if you hurt any animals – especially rabbits.

Elmer pats Bugs on the head. Bugs cringes away a little.

Elmer Fudd: You’re fwee now wittle wabbit (You’re free now little rabbit) Go and womp and fwolic in the fowest (Go and romp and frolic in the forest)

Elmer walks away. Bugs looks really happy. The dogs look very annoyed.

Bugs turns and looks at the fogs

Bugs Bunny: OK, fellows, break it up! Break it up!

The dogs slink away.

New scene

Elmer is returning to his house. He goes up the front path and opens the door

Elmer Fudd: Thwee million dowwars! (Three million dollars!)

He opens the door and we hear Bugs singing. Elmer jumps. The camera pans and we can tell Bugs is behind a closed door, and singing contentedly. Elmer runs over to the door. Bugs walks out of what proves to be a bathroom wearing a towel. He walks over to the piano and hits a key, trying to get his pitch correct. Having got the note right, he walks back into the bathroom and shuts the door. Bugs starts singing again and Elmer looks angry.

Elmer gets his gun and enters the bathroom. Bugs is behind a shower curtain in the tub. Elmer sticks his gun through the gap in the curtain.

Elmer Fudd: Come on out or I’ll bwow your head off! (Come on out or I’ll blow your head off!)

Bugs sticks the bath tub plug in the end of the gun, pushing Elmer away.

Elmer looks angry and pulls the plug out of the gun with a pop.

Bugs resumes singing.

Elmer looks angrier and runs over to the bath tub. Bugs sticks a sign out that says “What would Uncle Louie say?” and continues to sing. Elmer looks dumbfounded.

Bugs hops delicately out of the bath, wearing a towel.

Bugs is at the sink. He checks his tongue and his teeth and his chin, and decides to have a shave – with Elmer’s electric razor. He then dusts himself with powder.

New scene

Bugs is relaxing in an armchair and filing his nails, Elmer is beside him, begging.

Elmer Fudd: Pwease Mr Rabbit! (Please Mr Rabbit!) Go on back to the forest where you belong! Be a nice wittle wabbit! (Be a nice little rabbit!)

Elmer pats Bugs on the head.

The instant Elmer touches Bugs head, Bugs leaps out of the chair holding his head and crying out in pain.

Bugs Bunny: Ouch, ouch, ouch! What are you trying to do? Kill me?

Elmer flinches back, horrified.

Bugs Bunny: You fractured my skull!

Bugs points at Elmer

Bugs Bunny: I’m going to call Uncle Louie, thats what I’m gonna do!

Bugs walks over to the telephone. It is an old fashioned, black, wall mounted device. He puts the ear piece to his ear and speaks into the mouth piece on the wall. He taps the receiver repeatedly.

Bugs Bunny: Operator! Operator!

He doesn’t get an immediate answer.

Bugs Bunny, to Elmer: Hey, you got a nickel?

Elmer reaches sadly into his pocket and gives Bugs a coin. Bugs looks at it and then puts it in his pocket.

Bugs Bunny: Hello, operator, operator! Give me Walmak 332. [pauses] [irish accent] Oh, is that you, Mike? How’s every little thing?

Elmer Fudd: Pwease, Mr Wabbit (Please, Mr Rabbit) Don’t call Uncle Wouie! (Don’t call Uncle Louie!) I won’t hurt you again, I pwomise! (I promise!)

Bugs Bunny: Well, OK. [Bugs hangs up the phone] But watch your step after this, fat boy.

Elmer nods happily.

Bugs Bunny: Hey, what you got to eat around this joint?

Elmer looks angry

Elmer Fudd: Eat?!? [mutters]

Elmer walks across the room and holds a door open for Bugs

Elmer Fudd: Step right this way

Bugs walks through the door and Elmer slams the door shut behind him

Elmer Fudd: That’ll fix him. Herherherherher.

New scene:

Bugs has been tricked into going through the front door. He looks around, shocked, then angry.

Bugs Bunny: Why that dirty little, double crossing…

Bugs hammers on the door with both fists.

Bugs Bunny: Let me in! Open up!

Bugs goes and looks in the window.

He goes back to the front door and looks sly – then he starts coughing, coughing as if he is about to die.

Bugs Bunny: Its pneumonia! Open up!

Bugs coughs more, and looks genuinely shocked. He beats on the door with both fists.

Bugs Bunny: I’ll die! No! I’m too young to die!

Bugs drops to his knees and clutches at the door knob.

Bugs Bunny: Please… Please let me in!

Bugs is on his hands and knees, sobbing, and we have no idea how Elmer is responding to all this. Bugs turns to the audience with a big grin on his face

Bugs Bunny: Hey, this scene ought to get me the Academy Award!

Bugs turns back to the door.

Bugs Bunny: Say goodbye to… Uncle Louie for me!

Bugs slips to the ground.

Elmer opens the door

Elmer Fudd: Uncle Wouie? (Uncle Louie?)

He looks around, then looks down and is shocked to se the rabbit lying on the ground.

Elmer runs out onto the porch.

Elmer Fudd: What have I done?

Elmer walks around in a circle, clutching his head

Elmer Fudd: 3 million dollars, all shot to pieces!

Elmer picks up Bugs and fans the rabbit with his hat.

Elmer Fudd: Don’t die wittle wabbit! (Don’t die little rabbit!)

Elmer sobs

Elmer Fudd: Pwease don’t die! (Please don’t die!)

New scene:

Inside the house. Elmer is carrying Bugs in his arms, rocking him, while Bugs chews on a carrot.

Elmer Fudd, singing: ♪ Wock a bye baby, on the tree top, when the wind bwows the cwadle will wock ♪

Bugs finishes his carrot, throws away the stub, takes the hat from Elmer’s head and raps on Elmer’s bald head.

Bugs Bunny: Come on fat stuff, swing it!

Elmer picks up the pace and sings the same song, to the same tune, but much faster. Elmer is interrupted by the buzzer at the door.

Messenger (voice off stage): Special Delivery

Elmer reads the letter, Bugs still in his arms

Elmer Fudd: Your Uncle Louie has kicked the bucket. You thereby inherit three million dollars.

The scene shows the letter. We see that almost all the money has gone in taxes, and the small remainder has gone to the attorney. Elmer now owes the attorney $1.98

Bugs Bunny, still in Elmer’s arms: You don’t get the dough, eh, butter ball?

Elmer looks very angry

Elmer Fudd: No, but I’m gonna get you!

Bugs realizes he’s in trouble and starts to run. Elmer runs after him. A chase through the house ensues.

Bugs dives into the middle one of three large decorative pots.

Elmer attempts to climb in after him, but is too fat.

One of each of Bugs’ ears poke out of the other two pots, turning like submarine periscopes.

They turn, and one of the ears ‘spots’ Elmer, still struggling in the top of the pot.

The ear leans over and taps its mate, bringing Elmer to its attention.

Together the two ears hit Elmer on the back, knocking him into the pot.

One of the two ears whisks down into the pot, after which both ears appear in one pot, then Bugs emerges.

Elmer’s head appears out of the middle pot, Bugs leaps out and starts to run again, and the chase is back on.

They run around and around and Bugs stops in front of a grandfather clock (its a very nice house) as it strikes 12.

Bugs Bunny, throwing confetti and streamers around: Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Yippee! Hurray! Happy New Year!

Bugs grabs Elmer’s hands and begins to sing

Bugs Bunny, singing: ♪ Should Auld acquaintance be forgot… ♪

Elmer sings along

While singing, Elmer looks over his shoulder and glances at a calendar on the wall. The calendar shows that it is July. Elmer looks shocked.

Elmer Fudd: Why, you!

Elmer pulls his hands out of Bugs’ hands and looks very angry.

Bugs stops singing.

Bugs Bunny: Well, yipes again!

Bugs runs away and Elmer follows.

Bugs runs down darkened stairs into the cellar and disappears from sight.

Elmer appears at the top of the stairs and Bugs re-appears up the stairs and runs right over Elmer, knocking him down.

Bugs sticks his head back into the room.

Bugs Bunny: Don’t go down there! Its dark!

Bugs runs away across the house. He reaches a door and opens it, steps through and slams it shut behind him.

Inside, we find Bugs in a nicely decorated dressing room, with blue trimmed dressing table and matching blue trimmed window. He turns from the door and notices the room.

Elmer also runs across the room, reaches the door and opens it. Bugs is in ladies underwear (he is pretending to be female, rather than cross dressing). Bugs ‘covers her nakedness’ with his hands.

Bugs Bunny: Ahhhhh!

Elmer slams the door shut again. He looks confused, then looks angry.

Elmer pulls the door open again, steps through and slams it shut.

From this side of the door, we feel an explosion in the dressing room.

The door opens and both characters flash out.

Bugs runs across to another door, beyond which only appears blackness, steps through and slams the door behind him.

Elmer runs up to the door. It is the front door and Bugs has gone out.

Elmer Fudd: Good widdance to bad wubbish! (Good riddance to bad rubbish!)

The door buzzer sounds. Elmer looks annoyed, but goes o the door.

A messenger sticks his head in.

Messenger: Easter Greetings

The messenger hands Elmer a very large easter egg shaped parcel, wrapped in a ribbon, with ‘Easter Greetings’ written on it. It is bigger than Elmer.

The lid pops off the parcel and a dozen or more baby rabbits who look just like Bugs are inside.

Baby Bunnies: (all together) Neeee, What’s Up, Doc?

The babies jump out of the egg and start running all over the house

Thats All Folks!