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All about ‘Bugs Bunny’

Bugs Bunny is the perennially popular, wise cracking rabbit of Merry Melody and Warner Bros cartoons. His trademark "What’s Up, Doc?" is known by everyone in the western world. After winning in 1959, he was often introduced as "the Oscar winning rabbit!".


Bugs Bunny gets drafted! How will the US Army cope with its greatest challenge yet – Bugs Bunny as an enlisted man. This timeless post war classic shows Bugs coping with the rigors of boot camp… or as you will see – boot camp coping with Bugs!

A Bugs Bunny cartoon in the older style, we see Bugs back when he was just a little bit nastier than the wabbit we know and love. Elmer is out hunting and is just about to shoot Bugs when he gets a telegam that says he will inherit $3 million – but he has to not harm animals. Bugs, of course, takes full advantage of this…

Frigid Hare

Characters: Bugs Bunny

Bugs is on holiday, heading for Miami beach, when he unexpectedly finds himself at the South Pole (its that left turn at Albuquerque that always throws him). The usual adventures and hijinks ensue when Bugs has to defend a little penguin from an out-of-place eskimo that is hunting him.

Yosemite Sam takes on Bugs Bunny in the warm waters of the 16th century Caribbean. Sam is a pirate and Bugs is, well, just Bugs – causing mayhem for anyone who crosses him.



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