This is the original classic cartoon where Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian first meet. Marvin has been sent to capture an Earth creature. Unfortunately for him, the first creature he encounters is Bugs Bunny…

There is no mention of the name ‘Marvin’ in the episode – apparently the name was coined much later, in response to a need to put a handle on a character.


A spaceship rockets through space to Earth and makes a beautiful 4 point landing.
A door open, escalator stairs extend and Marvin The Martian comes down them.
Marvin is wearing a uniform reminiscent of a roman legionary, with a brush on his metal helmet, which leaves his face in shadow, showing us only his eyes, a red shirt, a metal skirt and what looks suspiciously like white tennis shoes
He has an envelope labeled

SEALED ORDERS to be opened upon reaching the earth

Marvin opens the envelope, which contains a note that says:

Martian HDQS<br />9/27/32044<br />From: General E-MC2<br />To: Commander, Flying Saucer X-2<br />Bring back one (1) live earth creature<br />signed<br />E=McSquared<br />Commanding General”></p>
<p>Marvin plays a tinny tune on a trumpet and a pod descends from the spaceship. A green martian dog emerges from the dog. The dog also has on white tennis shoes and a small Roman-style helmet.<br />
The dog marches up to Marvin<br />
His ear salutes and he presents Marvin with a note.<br />
marvin reads it, it says:</p>
<p><img src=

Marvin: We must capture a live earth creature, K-9, and take it back with us to Mars. Isn’t that a nice assignment, hmm?

Marvin starts walking, very quickly. K-9 runs ahead of him, sniffing the ground.

K-9 finds footprints and presents another note to marvin

The note says:


Marvin: An earth creature’s tracks. Isn’t that lovely?

Marvin follows the tracks to a hole in the ground

Bugs bunny (singing off scene): Fiddley dee, fiddley da, all I can dooo da de da! oh fiddley die!

Marvin and K-9 are both looking down the hole when Bugs throws out a bucket of carrot scraps

Bugs (sings): dad-de-dada, doodedooda

Bugs climbs out of the hole and sits on rim

Bugs, initially bemused by their outfits: Hmm, Hmm… Oh, I get it – Trick or Treat! Heh, I didn’t realise it was halloween already! OK, here’s some candy for you (bugs hands a bag of candy to K-9) and here’s your treat (Bugs hands a bag of candy to Marvin). Yeah, swell getup you got, kids

Bugs goes back down the hole

Marvin, plaintively: K-9? Do you suppose all earth creatures behave like thataway? Oh dear, now I suppose I shall have to use force.

Marvin pulls a gun labeled ‘Acme disintegrating Pistol’ from an invisible pocket. He fires the gun at the ground around the rabbit hole, which disintegrates

Bugs, screams: Hey! (He sticks his head up from the open ground) How halloween-ey can you get??

Bugs turns and notices the large spaceship for the first time.

Bugs: Eek! Gulp.

(Bugs is about to faint)

Bugs: eh, wh-whats up, Doc?

Bugs points his thumb at the spaceship

Marvin: Thats is an interplanetary flying space saucer. We are returning to Mars in it.

Bugs: We?

Marvin: Yes. Isn’t it delightful, hmm?

Bugs, annoyed with arms crossed: And suppose I decline to accompany you on your delightful journey, shortey?

Marvin disintegrates a large rock

Bugs: *gasp* Well, come on – what are we waiting for? Lets go!

Bugs grabs his hat and suitcases and runs for the spaceship. He dashes up the stairs and comes back downstairs with a plate and teacup on his head, pretending to be a stewardess

Bugs: Flying saucer for Centauri, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, The dog star and Mars! Now leaving on Track 5! All aboard!

Marvin and K-9 dash up the stairs and the spaceship gets almost all the way to Mars before it turns around flies back to earth.

THe spaceship lands and Marvin comes down the escalator again. Bugs is still there, having managed to be left behind.

Marvin, quite agitated: Oh! That wasn’t a bit nice! :breathes heavily: (walks back and forth in front of Bugs) You have made me very angry! Very angry indeed!

Bugs puts his arm around Marvin’s shoulder and walks him away conversationally

Bugs: Look, Doc, don’t get me wrong. It ain’t that I don’t want to go to Mars, its just that, err, (bugs stops and looks over Marvin’ shoulder at K-9) that err, I don’t want to get mixed up in no mutiny.

Bugs whispers to Marvin, looking over Marvin’s shoulder at K-9 periodically.

Marvin turns and looks at k-9

Marvin, angry: You mean – *he* against *me*??

Bugs: Certainly! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that low criminal forehead?

K-9 cranes forward, trying to hear what is being said

Marvin, getting very angry: Oh, Mutiny makes me so angry!

Marvin plays another tinny tune on his trumpet.

Bugs quietly steps away

K-9 calmly marches up to his master and salutes

Marvin points his disintegrating pistol at K-9 and fires.

K-9 appears to be disintegrate, but apparently he has only hidden in his helmet (in mid-air). K-9 climbs back out of his helmet and hands a note to Marvin

The note says, in cursive handwriting

Dear Commander - What have I done? signed Anxious

Marvin: Lets have no more mutiny!

Bugs, continuing to walk away: What infantile minds. How Buck Rogers can you get?

Marvin is balancing a bazooka-style weapon over K-9s shoulder, It is labeled Acme Strait-Jacket Ejecting Bazooka. They fire and a strait jacket is wrapped around Bugs, spinning him round and round

Bugs laughs like a maniac

New scene:

The space ship is speeding through space

In the control room, Marvin is steering the ship

In another compartment, K-9 is standing close guard over Bugs, who is still in a strait jacket and has a tag attached to him labeled “One Overconfident Earth Creature”

Bugs, to K-9: Hey Mac, I don’t like to seem ungrateful, but this jacket just ain’t my size. Uh, ain’t you got something more sporty? Say in a size 36?

K-9 looks thoughtful, then goes into the next room where we can see a variety of sizes of jacket hanging. He comes back a moment later with a jacket on a hanger in his mouth.

Bugs: Say! Thats more like it! Here, help me slip out of this old one and I’ll try it on. There!

Bugs has the old jacket off and slips the new one on, without doing it up.

Bugs: You know, I believe this is more your sort of thing. The tall, woodsy, outdoorsy type.

K-9 looks pleased at the simile.

Bugs quickly ties him up in the strait jacket

K-9 looks confused

Bugs gets another jacket from the closet and rushes to the control room

Bugs: Everybody desert ship! We’ve struck an iceberg and we’re sinking fast! Here into this life preserver! Quick!

Bugs wraps Marvin up in the straight jacket, ala the “life preserver”

New scene:

K-9 and Marvin are tied up in the same room Bugs was, with a tag attached labeled “Two Disgruntled Martians”

Bugs: Now to turn this contraption around and head back for little old earth!

Bugs pulls back hard on the steering rod, the space ship turns a right angle and the g-forces have Bugs stuck in his chair. He pushes the steering rod back the other way and the ship turns the other way and starts spinning.

The space ship rushes all over space, Bugs not knowing what he is doing with the controls

Bugs finds a large metal ships anchor and throws it out the back of the space ship. It catches on a nearby crescent moon, but the ship tows it away. A ringed planet gets caught on the other point of the crescent moon, and then several pointy stars get stuck in the planet.

The conglomeration of spaceship, moon, planets and stars approaches earth, in the vicinity of an astronomical observatory.

An astronomer calmly approaches his large telescope to do some observations, and sees the spaceship and heavenly bodies nearby. He does a double take and then leaves a note on Shalomar Observatory letterhead that says “I resign! When I begin to see things like this, its time to take up turkey farming.” The note is signed I Frisby, Director

He then calmly leaves the telescope and exits the observatory.

Bugs (leaning out of saucer): Hey! Hey Doc! Do you happen to know anybody thats interested in buying a slightly used flying saucer? Its only got 3 billion miles on it!

The astronomer appears to go mad and walks off scene.

Bugs: Huh! What’s biting him?