Here we have Tweetie bird and Sylvester teamed up again in their ongoing combat. Sylvester will attempt to catch and eat Tweeite, and Tweetie will foil him (and have fun in doing so). This episode sees Sylvester as the master of a household, where several birds have ‘gone missing’. Tweetie turns out not to be such easy prey…


Scene: An empty bird cage, the door open

Woman’s voice, off screen: Oh, I can’t understand it – thats the fifth canary we’ve lost this month!

The camera cuts to Sylvester, sitting in a cushy basket labeled ‘Pussy Cat’ and looking smug

Woman’s voice, off screen: Oh dear, he must have flown out the window

Sylvester hiccups yellow feathers, then grabs them to hide them.

We see a body shot of a woman using a 1940s-era black telephone

Woman: Hello pet shop? Have you any more canaries?

Sylvester is praying that they do

Woman: Oh, thats fine. Would you send one over to 1605 Maple Drive?

Sylvester looks very happy. He pulls aside a nearby curtain to reveal a set of 4 bird silhouettes on the wall. He adds a new one.

Woman: Thats right. 1-6-0-5 Maple Drive

New scene: The same birdcage, with a cover over it. There is a small panel in the cloth cover. Sylvester sneaks up to the birdcage and lifts the panel to peak inside.

Inside the birdcage, Tweety is wearing his little sailor cap and having a bath in a small pink bath tub, using a large scrubbing brush. He suddenly looks surprised.

Tweety Bird: Brrrr! I feel a dwaft [draft] on my fwagile [fragile] wittle body

Tweety walks over the hole in the cover and pulls down Sylvester’s eyelid, thinking it is a curtain

Tweety Bird: I could have frozen my ‘ittle tail feathers off, you know!

Outside the cage, Sylvester is disgruntled, and uses his paw to reopen his eye, which is stuck on its own.

In the cage, Tweety is swinging on his swing

Sylvester watches from outside, his eyeballs going back and forth in time with the swinging

Tweety suddenly stops

Tweety Bird: I tawt I taw a putty tat!

He looks over at Sylvester

Tweety Bird: I did! I did taw a putty tat!

He runs over to the cage door, which Sylvester has opened

Tweety Bird: A pwetty ‘ittle putty tat. (Tweety is very pleased) He come to pway [play] with me!

Sylvester tries to grab Tweety, but Tweety jumps out of the way at each grab. Tweety thinks it is a game. Sylvester stops in frustration after a few grabs, but Tweety has fun continuing to jump around, while watching Sylvester

Sylvester: oh come on – stand still!

Tweety continues to jump around

Sylvester: How do you expect me to grasp you when you jump around like a flea on a hot brick?

Tweety Bird: Oh! I supposed to stand still? OK putty tat, I stand still!

Tweety freezes and shuts his eyes

Sylvester grabs Tweety and puts him in his mouth, with a smile

Scene: inside Sylvester’s mouth

Tweety Bird: Where the putty tat gone?

Tweety’s voice echoes

Tweety Bird: Here, putty tat! Here, putty tat!

Tweety looks down Sylvester’s throat.

Tweety Bird: You down dere, putty tat?

Voices from Sylvester’s throat: There’s nobody here but us mice!

Tweety looks shocked

Sylvester stalks across the living room

Tweety Bird, inside Sylvester’s mouth: Oooh, it awfully dark in here. I can’t see my ‘ittle hand in front of my ‘ittle face.

Tweety strikes a match on a tooth

Outside, we see smoke leaking from Sylvester’s mouth. Sylvester suddenly stops walking and looks horrified. He spits Tweety out.

Tweety grabs a nearby wooden mallet and bangs on Sylvester’s toe

Sylvester: Owww!!!

Tweety dives back into Sylvester’s mouth and shoots out again, holding his little blue sailor hat.

Tweety Bird: Forgot my ‘ittle hat! What do we do now, putty tat? I know! We pway tag! Tag!

Tweety hits Sylvester on the nose, hard.

Tweety Bird: You’re it!

Tweety flies away, with Sylvester in hot pursuit.

Tweety flies into the bathroom medicine cabinet. Sylvester follows closely.

Tweety puts his hat on a small canister labeled ‘Alum’ that is the same color yellow as he is, then hides behind a box.

Side Note – in the past, Alum may have been kept in the bathroom cabinet to put on after shaving, to soothe the skin as it is an astringent. It should not be consumed for many reasons, but the immediate reaction would be to make the mouth pucker [Ref]

Sylvester glimpses the yellow and hat, grabs it and shoves it straight in his mouth and starts chewing, happily.

Suddenly, Sylvester looks very surprised, then he spits the chewed up tin out.

Sylvester spies Tweety, grabs him and opens his mouth to put Tweety in, but his mouth suddenly puckers up to be too small to fit Tweety through. He tries several times to push Tweety into his mouth, but fails.

Sylvester puts Tweety down and looks around, picking up a packet of straws.

Taking one out, he attempts to suck Tweety into his mouth.

First Tweety’s little hat goes up the straw, the Tweety himself does.

Sylvester smiles in satisfaction

Tweety, finding himself back in Sylvester’s mouth, looks around.

Tweety Bird: Well, here I am again! Oh, well. I will develop me wittle muscles!

Tweety uses Sylvester’s tonsil as a punching bag, getting a good bounce going.

Outside, Sylvester is bouncing around and then spits Tweety out.

Tweety dives back into Sylvester’s mouth and shoots quickly out again, with is hat.

Tweety Bird: Forgot my wittle hat again.

Tweety puts his hat on his head and shoots off. Sylvester follows.

Tweety runs down the hall, with Sylvester behind him. Tweety attempts to slam the door in Sylvester’s face, but Sylvester manages to get through.

Sylvester looks menacing, but Tweety slams a second door hanging in the same door-frame on him.

The door swings back open and Sylvester is squashed flat against it. He falls off onto the floor.

Scene: Tweety’s cage, covered.

Woman’s voice, off-screen: Yumping-yimminy. Every day de same thing. Clean out the bird cage, clean out the bird cage.

We see that it is Sylvester speaking, and he is disguised as a maid. with black shoes that are too big for him, a white maid’s apron and a little white headdress. He is carrying a dustpan and broom

Sylvester: Come on little birdie, out you go, yust till I finish the yob.

Sylvester rummages in the cage for tweety, pulls something out

Sylvester: Muahahaha!

Sylvester looks around to check no one has seen him and runs away with what he has grabbed, until a whistle catches his attention.

Sylvester looks back and sees Tweety standing beside the cage.

Tweety waves at Sylvester.

Sylvester peals the sailor hat off what he is holding to see what he has and it is revealed as a lit stick of dynamite, which explodes.

When the smoke clears, we see Sylvester darkened and with enlarged lips. He speaks in a caricature of an African American stereotype of the 1940s.

Sylvester: Oh, oh! Back to the kitchen! I smell somethin’ burnin’!

Sylvester attempts to walk away, but collapses

Scene: Tweety alights on a washstand, then reacts when he spies Sylvester slinking towards him.

Tweety Bird: Uh oh! Here come the putty tat! He look like he mad at me! He all excited. I calm he down.

As Sylvester makes a grab for Tweety, Tweety grabs a large wooden mallet and hits Sylvester over the head with it.

There is a large “BONG!” and Sylvester slides to the floor with a large lump on his head.

Tweety Bird: I guess I calm him down too much!

Sylvester is lying on the floor

Tweety Bird (from above, on the washstand): Come on putty tat! Open up your pwetty red eyes!

Tweety pours the washstand water over Sylvester.

Sylvester gets up, very angry.

Tweety Bird (putting down the water jug): that a good putty tat!

Sylvester is about to make a grab for tweety again, but tweety bird distracts him

Tweety Bird: Now Come on putty tat! Pway hide and seekie with me!

Sylvester: Hide and go seek? Oh, err, sure, sure, little feathered friend! I’ll hide and you seek.

Tweety Bird: oh goodie, goodie! I get to pway hide and seek with the putty tat! I hide me ‘ittie eyes and I count! 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 –

sylvester hides just around the corner

Tweety Bird: ready or not! here I come

sylvester grabs a large wooden mallet and waits with the mallet raised for tweety

tweety runs around the next room, but doesn’t quite reach Sylvester’s position

Tweety Bird: now where could that putty tat be?

tweety looks all through the room where sylvester isn’t.

t; he not in here!

sylvester wearies of waiting and whistles to get Tweety’s attention. Tweety runs up to Sylvester’s feet but doesn’t sees him.

Sylvester brings the mallet down, but tweety is too quick for him and sylvester hits his own toe.

Tweety runs away and Sylvester jumps in pain, while trying to muffle his own yells.

Tweety Bird: He too cwever to hide in here!

Tweety goes to look in the next room

Sylvester grabs his mallet and goes to follow Tweety.

Scene: Tweety has Hector, a large bull dog, on a lead and brings him in the front door

Tweety Bird: come on in little putty dog. Help me find the ‘ittle putty tat!

tweety leads the dog across the living room

Sylvester hears ‘tweety’ coming and raises his mallet to strike as Tweety comes around the corner.

Instead the bull dog comes around the corner and sylvester hits the dog over the head with the mallet.

The only effect is for the mallet to crumble to bits, but the dog is furious and tries to eat sylvester.

Sylvester jumps straight to the ceiling and hangs on by his claws

Tweety Bird: aww, the poor putty tat – stuck on the ceiling! I get you down!

Tweety flies up stairs while the dog barks at Sylvester.

Upstairs, tweety is using the claw of a hammer to un-pull Sylvester’s nails where they are straight through the ceiling and into the floor above.

One by one, Tweety unsticks the cat’s nails and Sylvester hangs by fewer and fewer limbs.

The dog can see the cat will fall soon and hangs a wreath on the cat’s basket, then he runs back to await the cats fall from the ceiling. He marks an ‘X’ on the floor where he thinks the cat will hit.

The cat’s last paw gives way and Sylvester falls out of our view to the floor. We hear the sound effects of a cat and dog having a fight.

Hector chases Sylvester

Sylvester dives into the bird cage and shuts the cage door, hoping to be safe.

Hector barks at Sylvester but Sylvester blows raspberries at him, thinking himself safe.

Tweety Bird: aww, the poor wittle putty tat! All alone by hisself!

Tweety opens the cage door and pushes the dog through the small hole.

Tweety Bird: here’s a ‘ittie putty dog to pway wiv!

The cat and dog, crammed in the cage, fill it completely.

As the dog slowly bares his teeth, tweety puts the cover over the cage.

The cage bounces around the room as the dog and cat fight

Th cage bounces out the door. Tweety watches

Tweety Bird: Dat a good ‘ittle tat! Pway nice with the ‘ittle putty dog! Don’t fight!

Scene: the woman is on the phone again

Woman: Hello, pet shop? Would you send me another cat? Oh, he’ll have a nice quiet home. And I’m sure he’ll be very happy here!

Tweety is lying in the cats basket, casually snacking on bird seed

Tweety Bird: Heeheehee! Her don’t know me vewy well, do her?

Tweety pulls back the nearby curtain to reveal that he has added a cat silhouette to the set of bird silhouettes.

That’s All Folks!