Against a background of the Barnyard Dawg and Foghorn setting each other up for pratfalls and injuries, we again meet Henery the baby chicken hawk, who is calmly carrying out a series of tasks that will catch him a chicken. At each turn, Foghorn helps him, not realising that the chickenhawk’s ultimate purpose is to catch him.


The Barnyard Dawg leans over a tall fence and whistles to get Foghorn Leghorn‘s attention

Foghorn Leghorn: What’s go – I say, What’s going’ on here, Dog? Let me in on it

Dawg hangs a sign beside a large hole in the fence for Foghorn to read that says “See the Total Eclipse Free”, with an arrow pointing to the hole in the fence.

Foghorn Leghorn (speaking to the camera): Total Eclipse Free? Thats the way I like ’em! Totally Free!

Foghorn sticks his head through the hole and the Dawg disappears behind the fence. We see Barnyard Dawg hit Foghorn with a pumpkin and Foghorn squeezes his head back through the hole, now wearing a jack a lantern.

Foghorn Leghorn: Now, you y- now you just know I’m going to do something about this!

New Scene:

The dog is in his doghouse.
Foghorn approaches, and sets up an old-style camera on tripod with cloth for the photographer to put his head under, pointing at the doghouse.
Foghorn takes a rope, throws it over a branch and ties it to the doghouse and lifts the doghouse off the sleeping dog.
Foghorn removed the Dawg’s blanket and pours a bucket of water over the dog, soaking him from head to foot
He then drops the doghouse back where it belongs and runs away
The dog, suddenly awake, runs after Foghorn barking.
Foghorn leads him around a tree and back to the camera.
The Dawg is now at the end of his rope, as it is caught around the tree, and can’t get closer to Foghorn.
Foghorn holds up a birdie, and holds the remote for the camera, as if he is going to take a photo. The Dawg is still barking madly.

Foghorn Leghorn: Ahhhhhhh…

Foghorn ‘fires’ the camera and a boxing glove springs out of the camera and punches the Dawg in the nose

Foghorn Leghorn: …Shaddup!

Foghorn walks away while the Dawg lies in the ground, seeing stars.

New scene:

Henery, the baby chicken hawk walks along a fence playing with a henery-sized lasso, wearing a cowboy hat.

Henery ChickenHawk: I’m a rootin’, tootin’ lasso loopin’, popgun shootin’ chicken hawk
Ah, theres my victim now!

Foghorn Leghorn (sings while spinning a yo-yo, unaware of Henery): ♪ Some sunday morning, la-da-da-da-da-da… ♪

Henery throws his tiny lasso over Foghorn’s head

Foghorn Leghorn: (attempts to continue singing, although his throat is constricted so tightly he can’t sing properly) … (croakily) I lost my voice! I cain’t sing! Its like being choked with a rope

Henery ChickenHawk: You’re so right, chicken and I’m a slapping my brand on you right now! …

Henery ties off the rope around a nail in the fence. Foghorn is still tied, but the tension is off the line.

Foghorn Leghorn: What’s the, I say, What’s the big idea? Wrapping a lariat around my Adam’s Apple?

Henery ChickenHawk: I’m a rootin’ tootin’ chicken hawk! Get along little doggie!

Henery pulls on the rope

Foghorn Leghorn: Now look, I say, Now look-a here, son! You’re too teeny to catch chickens! You gotta grow up! And another thing! I don’t want –

Foghorn is cut off as Henery re-throws his lasso, this time around Foghorn’s beak, silencing him.

Foghorn Leghorn: Now cut that out, boy!

Foghorn knocks the rope off, gently picks up Henery from the fence and puts him on ground, paddling him lightly to shoo him away.

Foghorn Leghorn: Or I’ll spank you where the feathers are thinnest

Foghorn Leghorn: Nice boy, but he’s got more nerve than a bum tooth.

Henery walks despondently away, dragging his cowboy hat.

Henery ChickenHawk: Shucks, even a teeny chicken hawk wants to catch chickens!

Barnyard Dawg: What’s the matter, buster?

Henery ChickenHawk: I’m too teeny to catch a chicken

Barnyard Dawg: Ah, teeny, schmeeny! Promise you’ll get me a bone and I’ll tell you how to get a chicken!

Henery ChickenHawk: OK, its a deal!

The Dawg and Henery shake hands. Henery walks off to keep his end of the bargain

Henery ChickenHawk: Oh boy! This is swell! All I need is a bone!

Henery looks around him as he walks along. Presently, the tail of a black and white cat sweeps past him as he looks around. Henery tugs the tail, who is going through a metal garbage can, to get his attention.

Henery ChickenHawk: Hey cat! Do you know where there’s a bone?

The cat thinks

Cat: Yes! And I’ll tell you if you get me a fish!

Henery ChickenHawk: OK!

Henery starts to walk away

Henery ChickenHawk (as he walks): Everybody wants something! (He raises his hands and shakes his head) I don’t know how to get a fish!

Henery walks past a hole in the fence and a mouse sticks his head out

Mouse: Did you say a fish?

Henery ChickenHawk: Yes, I said a fish.

Mouse: I’ll tell you how to get a fish for, uh, a little piece of cheese, maybe? There’s a nice piece in the mouse trap in the barn

Henery ChickenHawk: Alright (walking away) Gosh, if I get the Dawg a bone, I’ll get a fish… uh, if I get a mouse.. no… if I get the fish a dog… the cat wants cheese… no, the mouse wants the cheese… Gosh! I wonder what the cheese will want?

Henery enters the barn. Foghorn, wearing an outfit that looks like an engine driver and carrying a piece of toy railway track, is passing by.

Foghorn Leghorn (sings): ♪ I’ve been walking on the railroad ♪

Foghorn sees Henery in the barn at the mousetrap and stops

Foghorn Leghorn: Now what’s that kid doing in the barn?

Henery is gingerly investigating the loaded and set mousetrap. Foghorn sees what he is up to and runs in to save him.

Foghorn Leghorn: Don’t touch it, boy! Get away (brushes Henery away and picks up the mousetrap) This is dangerous son, you gotta know how to handle it!

Henery looks very unimpressed at Foghorn’s protestations

Foghorn Leghorn: One wrong move and you’re done for! (Leans down close to Henery) Pay attention, son, this is for your own good. You gotta understand the scientific principle behind it! There’s a right way and a wrong way

In waving his arms and the mousetrap around, Foghorn manages to put his finger in the mousetrap and it goes off

Foghorn Leghorn: Ahhhhhh!

Foghorn jumps in the air

Foghorn Leghorn: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Foghorn bangs into a wall and falls down, the mousetrap comes off his finger. Henery drags up a little red wagon and puts the cheese in it, ignoring Foghorn’s condition.

Henery ChickenHawk: That must be the wrong way!

Foghorn gets up

Foghorn Leghorn: Go ‘way boy. You bother me

Henery drags his little red wagon out of the barn

Foghorn Leghorn: I got work to do

Foghorn picks up his railroad piece and walks off

Foghorn Leghorn: Kid don’t stop talkin’ so much, he’ll get his tongue sunburned

Foghorn lays a line of toy railway track from the mouth of the doghouse, around behind it, around a tree and back behind the barn. He winds up a toy train, attaches a cream pie to the front of the train and lets it go along the railway track towards the doghouse.

Foghorn Leghorn: Allllllll aboard!

Foghorn makes train noises as the train gathers speed, approaching the dog house. The dog comes out of his dog house to see what all the noise is about and the cream pie hits him in the face.

New scene:

Henery is fishing in a pond

Henery ChickenHawk: The mouse said I could catch a fish here

Foghorn stops as he passes by, carrying a 2×4 piece of timber

Foghorn Leghorn: Now look here, son – you’re not doin’ that right. Gimme that boy, I’ll show you how.

Foghorn grabs the fishing rod from Henery

Foghorn Leghorn: You gotta, I say, you gotta know how to play with them.

Foghorn casts the fishing line far out into the pond.

Foghorn Leghorn: Teeease them a little

Henery looks at the camera with a knowing look

Foghorn Leghorn: Then hook ’em when they strike

Foghorn reaches down to turn Henery back to him

Foghorn Leghorn: Any of this sinkin’ in, boy?

Foghorn feels a pull on his line

Foghorn Leghorn: Hey, I got one, boy! Watch me pull him up

The line drags Foghorn into the water. When he resurfaces, he pulls a fish out of his mouth and hands it to Henery. Henery puts the fish in his little red wagon, along with the cheese and drags it off. The wagon squeaks a little.

Foghorn Leghorn (jumping out of the pond): That gabby kid! His business is always interfering with my pleasure!

Foghorn picks up his piece of timber, approaches the dog house, pulls the dog out by the tail and paddles him with the length of wood. He lets go and the dog chases him as he runs away. Foghorn climbs up a ladder that he placed earlier, and jumps over a high beam. THe dog follows him and Foghorn pushes the ladder away just after the dog gets to the top. Because the dog is still tied at the collar, he hangs over the high beam, swinging back and forth. Foghorn places a paint brush covered in green paint under him, so the dog gets paint all over his belly and back.

New scene:

Henery ChickenHawk: The cat said that I’d find a bone if I digged (sic) right here.

Henery starts digging with a little henery-sized spade

Foghorn walks up behind him

Foghorn Leghorn: What you u-, I say, What you up to now, son? You’ll never get a hole dug that way, boy. Gimme that

Foghorn takes the tiny spade

Foghorn Leghorn: Its no use, son. Its no good trying to dig – pay attention to me, son, look at me when I am talking to you – unless you have the right tools. Now wait right there, boy. Don’t go away.

Foghorn leaves. Henery turns to address the camera

Henery ChickenHawk: How gabby can a chicken get?

Foghorn returns with a pick and shovel.

Foghorn Leghorn: Now here’s the proper tools for hole digging.

Foghorn starts digging

Foghorn Leghorn: I’ll dig you the nicest hole this side of the Grand Canyon.

Foghorn hits something and reaches down for it. Its a bone

Foghorn Leghorn: Always hit a bone when you’re digging a hole

He tosses the bone aside. Henery picks up the big bone with some difficulty and puts it in his wagon. Foghorn continues digging, oblivious

Foghorn Leghorn: You keep your eyes peeled, son, and you’ll learn how to dig a hole.

Henery pulls his wagon away. Foghorn turns to talk to him and stops, surprised that he is gone

Foghorn Leghorn: Now, where’d that boy go? You gotta be a magician to keep a kid’s attention more than two minutes nowadays

Foghorn watches in surprise as Henery gives the cheese to the mouse, and the fish to the cat. As Henery approaches the dog house, the dog is building the railway set around his kennel

Henery ChickenHawk: Here you go, Mr Dog. Now where’s my chicken?

Dawg lifts the bone out of the wagon. The dog whispers to Henery and points to the railway track. Foghorn hurries up and pushes the Dawg out of the way and addresses Henery.

Foghorn Leghorn (upset): Where’s my present, son. You left me out. Everybody else got theirs. I’ve got something coming to me and I want it right now!

Dog hits him over the head with the bone. Foghorn sees stars and falls down, onto the toy train

Barnyard Dawg (to Henry): There’s your chicken, buster

The train pulls away, with Foghorn lying on it. Henery is riding at the front as the engineer

Henery ChickenHawk: I may be littl-, I say, I may be little, but I sure caught me a big chicken!