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Bugs Bunny is drumming up business for a vaudeville show in a podunk town . One of the main attractions is ‘Fearless Freep’ and his high-dive act. As soon as Yosemite Sam hears the name ‘Fearless Freep’, he goes into a frenzy, buying as many tickets as he can. (I’m a-splurgin’!)

During the show, as Bugs is about to introduce Freep, he gets a telegram informing him that Freep is delayed by a storm and won’t be able to appear until the next day. An angered Sam insists on seeing the high-diving act and forces Bugs at gunpoint to the top of a high-dive platform. But Bugs manages to turn the situation around, as usual, and it is Sam who dives into the tank – nine times.

  1. Sam pushes Bugs to the edge of the platform (and for the only time we see Bugs bare his claws to stop himself falling off). Bugs dupes Sam into covering his eyes while he puts on his bathing suit, and then proceeds to spin the board around so that Sam is at the diving edge. Bugs makes it seem like he’s taken the dive, and Sam turns around and walks right off the edge and when he lands the tank falls apart with the water still intact
  2. Bugs springs on the board so hard that he sends Sam up, over and down (separating Sam from his pistols in the process). Bugs then realizes that he forgot to fill the tank with water, so he grabs a bucket of water from off-camera and throws it down from the diving board past Sam, violating the law of gravity by falling faster than Sam does. The water makes it into the tank, but Sam misses the tank altogether, smashing through the stage into the basement.
  3. Sam walks to the end of the board and finds Bugs standing under the board upside-down (“Great horny toads! What are ya doin’ down there upside-downy?”). But it is Sam who is upside-down (“I’m not upside down, doc. You are!”). Sam looks “up”, sees the tank, and falls “up” into it.
  4. Having been verbally hit with “fightin’ words”, Bugs dares Sam to “step over this line” sending Sam down for the splash again (but not before springing back up briefly to declare: “I hate you!”)
  5. Sam is stopped by a door on the diving board, and yells “Open up that door!” then turns to the audience and says, “You notice I didn’t say Richard?”. He backs up and charges towards the door, which Bugs opens at the last microsecond, leading Sam to another splash, this time assisted by an anvil which Bugs gives him.
  6. Bugs, dressed as an Indian, points Sam to a “short-cut” in a desert-like setting (“Quick! Him go that way! You take-em short cut! Head him off at pass!”). Sam thanks the “Indian” and takes the route leading to yet another dive.

There are two dives in which the setups are unseen, then Sam finally has Bugs tied up and standing on the edge of the platform, with Sam sawing away at the board, gloating: “This time, you’re a-diving!” However, as soon as Sam cuts through the board, it’s the ladder and platform that falls, leaving the cut plank suspended in mid-air. Bugs turns to the camera and cracks, “I know this defies the law of gravity, but, you see, I never studied law!”