Elmer Fudd, gun in hand sneaking through the woods.

Scene zooms in on Elmer, still sneaking.

Elmer Fudd, facing audience: Shh, be vewy, vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits. Hahaha. (he resumes his sneaking)


Two rabbit feet, also sneaking along.


Back to Elmer sneaking along.

Elmer Fudd, upon finding some rabbit tracks: Oh boy! Wabbit tracks!

Elmer follows the tracks


The rabbit feet, still leaving tracks.

The camera moves up, and we see it is Daffy Duck wearing rabbit feet.

He walks up to Bugs Bunny’s Hole, then looks around, takes off the rabbit feet and calls down the hole.

Daffy Duck, leaning down the rabbit hole: Oh buggsy, buggsy pal, there’s a friend here to see ya!

Daffy jumps up and sneaks away from the hole

Daffy Duck: Survival of the fittetht, and bethideth, it’th fun! Hehehe! (Daffy sneaks behind a large boulder, then peaks out)

Back at Bugs Bunny’s Hole.

Bugs Bunny, peering out of his hole: Did someone knock? (we hear a gun shot, and a bullet streaks past, just frying the edges of Bugs’s ears, he turns and faces where the bullet came from) Ehh, what’s up doc?

Elmer Fudd, streaking up to Bugs, and shoving his gun into Bugs’s mouth: Now I got’cha you - you, Wabbit! Hahahah.

Bugs Bunny, lifting his hand to remove the gun from his mouth, sitting up and starting to eat a carrot while leaning on the gun: Say doc (chew, chew) Are you tryin’ to get yourself in trouble with the law? This aint rabbit hunting season!

Elmer Fudd, looking confused: It’s not?!

Bugs Bunny, pointing at Elmer: No, it’s duck hunting season.

Daffy Duck Storming towards Bugs and Elmer, finger pointing at them.

Daffy Duck: That sir is an imissagated fabrication! (he arrives and puts his fists on his hips) It’s wabbit season.

Bugs Bunny: Duck season.

Daffy Duck: Wabbit Seathon!

Bugs Bunny: Duck Season.

Daffy Duck: Wabbit Theathon!!

Bugs Bunny: Duck Season.

Daffy Duck: Wabbit Theathin!!

Bugs Bunny: Wabbit Theathon.

Daffy Duck: Duck Theathon!!!

Bugs Bunny: Wabbit Seathin.

Daffy Duck: I thay it’th duck seathon, and I say; ‘Fire! (he crosses his arms)

Elmer Fudd aims his gun at Daffy and shoots. Daffy’s bill spins round and round his head.

Daffy Duck: Hmm. (he zooms up to Bugs, and starts poking his chest) Let’th try that again.

Bugs Bunny: Okay.

Daffy Duck, now tapping his own chest: I’ll start it thith time.

Bugs Bunny: Right.

Daffy Duck, pushing the gun towards Bugs: Wabbit Seathin.

Bugs Bunny, pushing the gun back to Daffy: Duck Season.

Daffy Duck, pushing the gun back to Bugs: Wabbit Theathon.

Bugs Bunny, pushing the gun back to Daffy, then to himself: Wabbit Season.

Daffy Duck, pushing the gun to his own body: Duck Theathon, fire! (the gun fires at Daffy’s head and the smokes clears, showing us Daffy’s beak on the back of his head, which he twists around. Daffy starts poking Bugs again) Okay, thith time you thtart it.

Bugs Bunny: What ever you say (he pulls the gun towards himself) Wabbit.

Daffy Duck, grabbing the gun and pulling it towards himself: Duck, Fire! (The gun shoots, and when the smoke clears we see Daffy with his head on upside down) What’s the matter? Everything’th upthide down!

Daffy Duck walks away with his head still on upside down.

Daffy Duck: thtrange, can’t make heads or tails of things.

Elmer Fudd: Hey, you! Come back here! (Elmer primes gun, but nothing happens, he stops and looks down at his gun) Well, whaddo you know, no more buwwets.

Bugs Bunny, who has been looking on with interest, and now feigns surprise: No more buwwets? (Calls out to Daffy) Hey laughing boy, no more bullets.

Daffy returns, rubbing his hands.

Daffy Duck: No more bullets?

Daffy Duck, snatching the gun from Elmer’s hands: Here, lemme thee this thing. (he raises the gun to his eyes) Hmm

The gun fires in Daffy’s face.

Shot of Elmer, looking surprised and happy to see his gun working.

Elmer Fudd: Well, whaddo you know, one buwwet weft.

Bugs Bunny: One buwwet weft?! Hey, laughing boy, there was -

Daffy Duck, a bullet still in his scalp, very grumpy. The bullet has taken his scalp off and left pink skin.

Daffy Duck: I know, I know!

Back in the woods, Bugs Bunny nails a sign to a tree that says ‘Duck Season Open’, then he sneaks away.

Daffy Duck enters, and reads at the sign.

Daffy Duck: Hmmm, devilishly clever. (he looks around) Uhoh. (he sneaks off in the direction he came)


Elmer Fudd tracks through the wood

Daffy Duck, disguised as a rabbit, leaning on a tree, eating a carrot: Eh, what’s up doc? Having any luck with those ducks? It’s duck season you know.

Bugs Bunny, walking in disguised as a duck: Just a darn minute, where do ya get the duck theathon thtuff?

Daffy Duck, pointing to the hidden sign: Theth tho right over there on that thign! Your tho smart. (Elmer and Bugs look at the sign, while Daffy crosses his arms and looks the other way)

Cut to a sign saying ‘Rabbit Season Open’.

Daffy Duck: You know what to do with the gun doc. (Elmer shoots Daffy, and when the smoke clears, we see his disguise has been blown off. Daffy uncrosses his arms, and pushes the gun down, then walks over to Bugs) Your dethpicable.

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck walking along together.

Daffy Duck: Yes, you’re dethpicable and - and - and picable, and you - you’re very- (Bugs starts taking off his disguise) definetly dethpicable. How a perthon could get tho- (by this time they have reached Bugs’s home) so dethpicable in one lifetime ith beyond me! (Bugs has nearly finished taking off his disguise, and Daffy has started) It ithn’t ath though I haven’t met a lot of people, goodness knowth, it ithn’t that! It ithn’t tha- that! (Bugs has pulled out a book titled ‘1000 was to cook a duck’) Goodneth knowth-! (Daffy has reads the title of the book Bugs is reading. ) Deth-dethpicable.

Buggs Bunny, looking up from his book: The filet of duck bordelais avec butter. Yum yum.

Elmer Fudd entees

Bugs Bunny, still reading from his book: Duck bolognese, under glass mm, mm.

Daffy starts digging in Bugs hole, then pulls out a book titled ‘1000 ways to cook a rabbit’

Daffy Duck, reading from his cookbook: Rabbit au gratin de gelatin under tooled leather… (he licks his beak) darool darool.

Bugs Bunny: BBQ’d duck meat with broiled duck bill milanese. Yummy, yum.

Daffy Duck: Chicken fried rabbit with cotton-tail sauce, braized in carrots. Mmm-mm.

Elmer Fudd: I’m sowwy fellas, but I’m a vegetarian, I just hunt for the sport of it. Hahaha.

Bugs Bunny, running up to Elmer, very cross now: Well yeah?! Well there’s other sport besides huntin’, ya know.

Daffy Duck, runs over dressed in tennis whites, holding a tennis racket.

Daffy Duck: Anyone for tennis?

Bugs and Elmer see Daffy, and Elmer shoots Daffy.

Cut to Daffy - the tennis racket is broken, and Daffy is frazzeled.

Daffy Duck: Nithe game. . .

Elmer points his gun at Bugs.

Elmer Fudd: Now you scwewy wabbit, you’re next.

Elmer shoots his gun, and Bugs jumps up and runs off the screen

Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny run off scene while bullets fly past them.

Elmer, runs and shoots wildly.

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck dive into Bugs’s rabbit hole,

Elmer runs up and sticks his gun in the hole.

Elmer Fudd: Alright, come out or I’ll bwast ya out!

Bugs Bunny, sticking his finger in the gun and coming out of his hole: For shame doc. Hunting rabbits with an elephant gun.

Elmer Fudd, looking at his gun in confusion: Ewaphant gun?

Bugs Bunny: That’s right doc, so why don’t you go shoot yourself an elephant? (he goes back down his hole)

An Elephant, hands on his hips, facing Elmer: You do and I’ll give ya such a pinch! (he places his hoof on Elmer’s head and pounds him nto the ground, then storms off)

Elmer Fudd storms in with a different gun.

Elmer Fudd: Oooh, just wait ’till I get that scwewy wabbit and that scwew-ball duck.

Daffy Duck, pretending to be a dog, sniffs Elmer’s foot prints :

Daffy Duck: Rourourourourou!

Daffy sniffs the trail some more and moves futher down, and reaches Elmer

Daffy Duck: Rourourourou!

A gun fires and a bullet blows off Elmer’s hat

Elmer Fudd: Hey. what’s the big idea? Why don’t you look where you- huh?!

Bugs Bunny, dressed up as a female hunter (female voice): Oh! How simply dreadful! (walking towards Elmer) You poor little man. Did I hurt you with my naughty gun?

Elmer Fudd: Aaw, shucks. Aaw, I-uh, hahahaha. (Bugs gives Elmer a kiss on the check, then Daffy bites Elmer’s leg) YeeeeOOOw!!

Bugs Bunny, still pretending to be a girl: Gypsey, you naughty bow-wow (one of his ears has slipped out of his wig) Stop that. (Elmer turns around angrily, and sees the ear)

Elmer Fudd, snatching the gun: Okay wabbit I see through that disguise. Say your prayers.

Daffy starts to sneak off, and Elmer puts his gun in Daffy’s back.

Elmer Fudd: You too duck.

Daffy zooms off, and ends up next to a sign

Daffy Duck, pointing at the sign:Wabbit Season.

Bugs Bunny, tearing off the sign, to reveal the sign underneath: Duck season.

Daffy Duck, tearing off that sign: Wabbit season!

Bugs Bunny, tearing off that sign: Duck season!

Daffy Duck, tearing that sign off: Wabbit Season!

Bugs Bunny, tearing off that sign: Duck Season!

The poster now shows Elmer and says ‘Elmer Season’, they both turn to look at the sign, then they both grin evilly at Elmer

Elmer, still de-hatted, grins sheepishly.

Elmer Fudd, backing away: Uh-oh

Bullets fire at him, and he turns and runs


Bugs and Daffy, dressed up as hunters with guns, hunting Elmer.

Bugs Bunny facing us: Shhh, be very quiet, we’re hunting Elmers.

Daffy Duck, also facing us: Hahahaha. (they both turn and continue hunting Elmer)