Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, attempting to go to Pismo Beach on holidays, make yet another of their infamous turns at Albuquerque and find themselves in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Things start to go downhill when Daffy finds a treasure that he has to keep to himself!


Bugs Bunny in Ali Baba Bunny

A cave entrance with two men outside it. Hassan, on the left is big and fat, while the small man to the right is skinny and riding a camel.

Small Man: Close Sesame

A large rock descends and closes off the cave entrance. The small man turns his camel to face the large man

Small Man: Guard well this treasure, oh Hassan, or the jackals shall grow fat on thy carcass.

Hassan: No one shall pass Hassan.

The man on the camel rides off into the distance

The small man rides away over the hills.

Evidence of something digging a tunnel across the countryside appears, approaches the cave entrance and runs into Hassan’s sword

Bugs Bunny (voice only): Ouch!

The tunnel now goes around the man, and into the tunnel

Hassan, very annoyed: Open, duhhh, Open, duuuuuh, Open, uh, Sarsaparilla? Uhh, Open Saskatchewan?

New Scene:

The tunnel enters the cave. Bugs Bunny exits the tunnel

Bugs Bunny: Well here we are, Pismo Beach, and all the clams we can eat.

Bugs looks around, confused
Daffy Duck emerges from the tunnel behind Bugs

Daffy Duck: What a way for a duck to travel. Underground. Hey wait a minute, since when is Pismo Beach inside a cave?

Daffy Duck turns and stares

Bugs Bunny, looking around: I wonder, eh, you know, I just bet we should’ve turned left at Albuquerque, then maybe a right turn at La Jole. . .

The scene pans out and we see untold wealth. Daffy’s eyes get very big

Bugs Bunny: Hmm, ah, hmm

Daffy Duck licks his licks and looks at Bugs

Bugs Bunny: Well, we can’t be too far off.

Daffy Duck looks evil

Bugs Bunny: So if we, uh-

Daffy Duck, hitting Bugs on the head: It’s mine! You understand! Mine! All mine! Get in there, down! Down! Down! (He is beating Bugs back into the tunnel) Go! GO! Go! Mine! Mine! Mwahahahaha! (He stops and runs towards the treasure)

Bugs Bunny, peaking out from the dirt: Eh, what’s up duck?

Daffy Duck rubbing his hands, staring at the treasure, then diving into the chests.

Daffy Duck: I’m rich! I’m wealthy! Yahoo! I’m comfortably well off, woo hoo!

New Scene:

Hassan is still trying to get the magic door to open.

Hassan: Uh, open septuagenerian, err, open saddle soap? Open, uh, Sesame?

The door opens and he stomps in

Daffy Duck, wheeling a trolley full off treasure out: I’m in the money, lot of the money.

Daffy Duck bumps into Hassan

Daffy Duck: Ah, red cap, call me a cab, boy, and be quick about it, I’m a heavy tipper.

The guard raises his sword and chops at Daffy’s head, where it rebounds off the diamond he is wearing, then the hat and diamond split in two and a hair on his head splits in two

Daffy Duck: Ah ha ha ha ha ha… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Daffy runs away

New Scene

Bugs Bunny, out of the tunnel, dusting himself off.

Daffy Duck runs in and grabs Bugs

Daffy Duck: Quick, quick, save me pal and it’s yours! Gorgeous isn’t it? Don’t be afraid, have it appraised, any place.

Daffy gives Bugs the diamond, who tosses it away, and then Daffy tries to get Bugs to move

Daffy Duck: Proud Punk.

Hassan walks through the tunnel.

Big Guard: Hassan Chop!

Daffy Duck, hiding up high: Yeah? Woah, woah, woah, chop the rabbit! HE brought us here!

Bugs is hiding in an hour glass shaped bottle, pretending to be a genie:

Bugs Bunny: Me genie, of the light brown hair.

Hassan bows before the genie

Hassan: Oh mighty genie.

Bugs Bunny: Release me and I shall grant thee a rich reward.

Daffy Duck, still hiding: He’s lying! Chop him! Chop him!

Hassan, shaking Bug’s bottle: Hassan release you oh master!

Bugs pops out and lands on his feet

Bugs Bunny: Thank you Hassan, now, wouldst thou like to have all this treasure for thy very own?

Hassan: Oh yes master, Hassan like, Hassan like!

Bugs Bunny: Very well

Bugs does a complicated dance

Bugs Bunny: ikity akity oop a azigaty zagity oop a a! Flippity Flappity Floop. It’s yours.

Hassan happily dives into the coins.

Daffy Duck, stomping over: Ikaty akity oop. Oh oh squeek a a . (He stomps away

New Scene:
Bugs is looking out at the desert

Bugs Bunny: I don’t know, I have a feeling that Pismo Beach ain’t quite this wide.

Daffy Duck, running away from the cave with a huge diamond on his arms: Help! Help! Help! Save me pal! Save me! Help!!!

Hassan runs after Daffy with his scimitar: Hassan chop!

Daffy Duck: Help! Waaaaa! Save me!

Bugs Bunny (to Daffy, from behind cover): Okay, back here.

Daffy runs behind the rock with the diamond

Bugs Bunny: What’s with you anyway?

Daffy Duck: I can’t help it, I’m a greedy slob. It’s my hobby. Save Me!

Hassan, running behind the rock with his big sword: Hassan chop!

Bugs Bunny is sitting in a tent with a rope pointing straight up in front of him.

Bugs Bunny, pointing up the rope (American Indian voice): Him go that away.

Hassan grabs the rope and starts climbing up

Hassan reaches the top of the rope, which ends in the clouds, and disappears.

Bugs pulls the rope down.

Daffy Duck, peeking out of Bugs’ turban: Is he gone?

Bugs Bunny: Yeah, I got rid of him.

Daffy Duck: Ah ha! (he jumps off of Bugs’ head and walks off, still in the turban) Oh boy! I’m rich! I’m wealthy! I’m socially independent! I’m secure! I’m rich! I’m rich!

Bugs Bunny shrugs at us

New Scene:
Bugs Bunny is standing next to a huge box of treasure, while Daffy Duck climbs up to make sure it’s secure.

Daffy Duck: There, I think that’s the last of it.

Daffy walks through the tunnel looking for any spare treasure.

Daffy Duck: Just a quick check to see if I missed anything.

He peers around a corner and sees a mysterious lamp

Daffy Duck: Hey, what’s this? Hmm, well, polished up, it might bring a quick 4 bits on the open market.

He polishes the lamp, and a green stream pours out

Genie of the Lamp: I am the genie of the lamp, oh master.


Daffy stomps the genie back into the bottle


A burst of flame erupts from the bottle, and Daffy is blown off

Genie of the Lamp: Duck, you have desecrated the spirit of the lamp!

Bugs Bunny peers out, then sneaks back to his rabbit hole

Genie of the Lamp: Prepare to face the consequences!

Daffy Duck, walking away: Consequences, schmonsequences, as long as I’m rich.

The genie shoots lightening from his fingertips and Daffy gets zapped

New Scene:

Bugs Bunny under an umbrella eating clams at Pismo Beach.

Bugs Bunny, opening a clam: I wonder how that crazy duck ever made out with that genie. (He find a pearl in the clam) Hey, wadda you know, a pearl!

Daffy Duck, runs out of the tunnel towards the pearl, seemingly unaware that he is tiny (high pitched voice): It’s mine, all mine! You understand?! Mine, mine!! Go, go, go!! (Daffy grabs the pearl and cuddles it) Out! Out! Out! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Bugs Bunny: Oh, brother, oh, sesame.

Daffy Duck: I’m rich! I’m a happy miser! (the pearl closes over him)