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Cartoon Summary

Bugs emerges from his hole in a city park, reading the newspaper on his way to the nearest bank, to withdraw some carrots. Unbeknownst to Bugs, Mugsy drives up to the bank, which Rocky robs. Bugs accidentally walks into Rocky and Mugsy’s getaway car – mistaking it for a taxi – and also mistaking the giant bags of cash for laundry,
Rocky asks Bugs “How much do ya know?” Bugs responds “Who, me? Oh, I know a lots of things. Two and two is four, Carson City is the capital of Nevada, uh, George Washington was the first President.” Rocky responds, “This guy knows too much, Mugsy. We’ll take him for a ride.” Rocky keeps telling Bugs to be shut up or he will get shot. Bugs then asks Mugsy to stop at a “nice, clean gas station”. Bugs gets out of the car and receives a nickel from the easily fooled Mugsy so he can use the pay telephone. Bugs pushes in the nickel and calls the police to report Rocky and Mugsy. Mugsy grabs Bugs out of the telephone booth and they escape. Bugs still holding on to the telephone – and a policeman is pulled out of the telephone wire onto the road.
Soon, Rocky and Mugsy’s car stops in front of a railroad grade crossing protected by a signal. Rocky tells Bugs to let them know when it’s clear. Bugs tells them to go and the oncoming train proceeds to smash into the car with Rocky and Mugsy still inside.
Bugs is forced to fix the car. He repairs everything except the tire and says that they’re stuck. Rocky tells Bugs that he is the only one stuck and makes Bugs run alongside the car while holding the right front axle.
Soon, they arrive at their cliff house, and then Rocky tells Mugsy to let Bugs have it. Mugsy is about to kill Bugs but then Bugs makes Mugsy think the idea is to let Bugs have the gun. Bugs then shoots Mugsy, who stumbles into the room where Rocky is and says “I let him have it boss, just like you said,” and faints landing on top of Rocky, who punches him to get him off.
Soon, Rocky decides to really let Bugs have “it,” but Bugs yells out a fake alarm scream that the police have arrived and are surrounding the house. Bugs hides Rocky and Mugsy in the stove when they fall for Bugs’ fake alarm. Bugs pretends to be the policeman with an Irish accent and be himself trying to hide Rocky and Mugsy. While “interrogating” himself, Bugs denies hiding them in the stove, turning on the heat of the stove and throws a “lighted” match in the oven to prove his innocence. The stove explodes, and “the policeman”, convinced, leaves. Rocky and Mugsy crawl out of the stove, somewhat scorched. Then, the real policemen come and, in an exact match of Bugs’ previous ruse, asks where Rocky and Mugsy are. When Bugs is about to throw another “lighted” match into the oven, Rocky and Mugsy quickly run out of the stove and piteously beg the policeman to arrest them.
Later, Bugs has become a successful private detective. He reports on the telephone: “Thugs thwarted, arsonists arrested, bandits booked, forgers found, counterfeiters caught and chiselers chiseled.”