This cartoon features a young rooster who is up to date with the latest fashions of 1963. A hep cat, he is constantly playing ‘modern’ music and chasing the girls. Thrown out of his own chicken yard, he persuades Foghorn that he is an orphaned rooster. Foghorn adopts him as his own.


Hip, finger clicking 50s music plays over credits

Scene: A chicken yard where a hen house is jumping to the music

Muscled rooster: If that’s who I think it is there’s a certain banty rooster who’s going to get booted over the horizon

Sound of loud bang.

Muscled rooster drags out banty rooster, who is dragging his guitar, by the scruff of the neck, He kicks him out of the yard

Muscled rooster: Get out and stay out!

Banty Rooster lands beside tree with barn in distance. His guitar is broken

Banty Rooster (to guitar): Man you’re the sickest. Like, err, adios, my friend

Banty Rooster shoots guitar, blows smoke from muzzle, and turns away. The babble of hens is heard in the distance

Banty Rooster (jumps up and down): Woohoohoo! (his eyes bug out) Chicks, man!

Scene: A chicken yard full of hens. Banty runs up to the fence and picks up rake, which he holds like a guitar

Banty: lets see if these chicks dig the beat

Banty (sings): ♪ Gee wizz brother and golly gee I love a girl and she loves me ♪

Hens run up (other side of fence) and swoon

Banty: Like, ah – clue me the door, chickie

A hen giggles and points to a small shed that is the entry to the yard.
The shed has a sign saying ‘Foghorn Legorn, Supt’ beside the door
Banty approaches the shed, looks through the keyhole and sees Foghorn sitting at a table.

Background music: beatnik

Banty: How ’bout that. The pads patrolled. With a real jazzy plan I can, like-a, storm the gates

Banty runs off and comes back in a basket with a baby’s bonnet on his head

Banty: dig this get up man, its the most

Banty wraps himself into the basket, styled like an abandoned baby and rings doorbell

Banty: sick man, sick

Foghorn: What, I say, What in the name of Jesse James do you suppose that is

Banty holds up a sign that says ‘Like – I’m an orphan”

Foghorn: Well what do you know, a tiny foundling rooster. Why, he’s a small as the little end of nothing sharpened

Banty: Da, da – daddio!

Foghorn picks up the small Banty

Foghorn: how about that – the little tyke thinks I’m his daddy. :chuckles: Oh I, I say, I always did want a son. :holds banty closer: Now I got one.

Banty: Crazy man!

Scene: Foghorn and Banty are out in the field. Foghorn has attached a large rubber band to two trees and has the centre around his belly

Foghorn: Now then son, I’ll show you how to be a real rooster. Be just like your old man. You can’t get started too soon

Banty shakes his head and shrugs at us

Foghorn picks up a length of four-by-two timber

Foghorn: The first thing you gotta learn is how to keep that simple minded mutt in line

He taps the timber in his hand and walks away

Foghorn: Now watch closely

Foghorn walks off scene. The rubber bands stretch as he leaves. Foghorn approaches the dog house, where the dogs tail is sticking out. He grabs the dog by the tail, gives him a good whacking and lets go. The dog starts barking and turns to chase him. Foghorn lets the rubber bands pull him back to where he has arranged a boxing glove attached to a tree, bounces back to the dog and punches him in the nose. The dog breaks into a million pieces.

Foghorn: Next, you got to learn to keep your yard tidy and be sure that hound is in his proper place

Foghorn sweeps up the pieces of dog and puts them in a bin. He puts the lid on the bin and then lifts it slightly

Foghorn (into bin): S’alright?

A grumble comes from bin

Foghorn (deeper voice): S’alright!

Foghorn walks off scene

Scene: Banty is kissing a hen in the hen yard. Foghorn comes around the corner, looking for him

Foghorn: Sonny boy? Where are you, sonny boy?

Banty (lets the hen up and motions her away): You better bug out, baby

Banty sits down and refastens his baby bonnet

Foghorn: Ah, there you are boy! You know, you’re not going to learn how to be a rooster by playing out back of the hen house

Banty blows a kiss to the off-scene hen

Foghorn: Here, are you paying attention, son?

They approach a white line marked with a sign as ‘rope limit’

Banty (clicks fingers): I dig you, Daddio

Foghorn: Dig? Oh! Dig up something to eat. Well, why didn’t you say so, son?

The dog comes up to them barking, but his rope doesn’t reach past the white line

Banty (clicks fingers to background music) (aside): This dogs a swinging cat

Dog: barking

Foghorn (hits dog over head with timber): Ah, shut up!

Banty backs out of scene, clicking fingers to background music

Foghorn waves hand in front of dog’s face, without response. The dog is stunned by the blow

Foghorn: I might as well let him sleep

Foghorn (turns to where he thinks Banty is): now as I was saying, son … uh, where did he go?

Scene: Banty is dancing to hip music on a record player with hen in coop

Foghorn (walking by outside): Yoohoo, i say, yoohoo! Where are you, sonny boy? Oh Sonny boy!

Banty and the hen stop dancing and pay attention Foghorn calling

Banty (to hen): uh, oh – fake it! The fuzz

Banty wraps himself into a cradle.
The hen uses an egg flip to turn the record over, where classical music is playing and then sits placidly in a nesting box.
Foghorn appears at the window

Foghorn: Well, what do you know! Asleep in the hen house. I might as well let him sleep

As Foghorn steps away from the window, the hip music restarts and Banty and the hen can be seen dancing through the window

Foghorn (hears the music): hey, what’s that

As Foghorn turns back, the record flips again and classical music plays again

Foghorn: You alright, son? I keep hearing the most terrifying sounds in there

As Foghorn turns away the record flips again and the dancing restarts
Foghorn turns back, but stands beside the window

Foghorn: Hmmmm…

Banty and the hen are dancing, but they hear something and try to resume their disguises. Foghorn reaches the window in time to see the hen flipping the record

Foghorn: Ahah!

Hen: Yike!

The record hitsFoghorn in the head and smashes. There are stars over Foghorn’s head

Scene: Banty is in another hen house, kissing hens, who are lining up for the privilege

Banty: Next!

Foghorn enters the hen house. Banty, without looking properly, assumes Foghorn is another hen and grabs him to kiss him

Banty: Man, you’re a weirdo chick

Foghorn: Look boy, I, I think there’s some pictures you oughta see.

Banty: Crazy man, ca-razy

Scene: Foghorn has a large flip-chart of pictures, currently showing a picture of the dog. Banty has a wire attached to him that leads to a complicated machine with dials

Foghorn: Now, let me know when I come to something that interests you

Foghorn flips the chart to show a picture of a rooster
There is no response from Banty.
Foghorn flips the chart to show a picture of a glamorous hen in evening gown
An alarm goes off on the machine and Banty jumps up and down

Banty: Yahooo! Wild!

The machine explodes through overstimulation and Banty runs straight though the picture, leaving the room

Foghorn: Ha! Just like I thought! He’s wacky over females!


The dog stands outside his doghouse, rubbing his chin as he watches Banty chasing a hen who is running away slowly and giggling

The Dog stops Banty

Dog: Hey! Wait a minute. boy. Don’t bother with that cluck. How’d you like to meet a real doll?

Banty: Wild man, real wild.

Dog: OK, you stand in that circle and I’ll send her the message

The dog reaches into his doghouse and sets a toy tank off away from them
The tank reaches foghorn

Foghorn: oh, oh, looks like one of that silly dog’s booby traps

The tank fires and the horse that Foghorn is standing behind kicks out in response. Foghorn lands in the hopper of a thresher. We see him pass through the machine. He grins at us. Foghorn comes out of the machine tied up and his body and rope around his beak to make a pout. The machine puts lipstick and long eyelashes on him as well as a hat and then drops him headfirst into a dress. He then floats gently to the ground in front of The Dog and Banty

Dog: Hey boy, here she comes now. Ain’t she a angel?

Banty: Like a, link us man, link us!

Dog (puts on preachers hat): Then I pronounce you husband and wife, err, something

Foghorn (obscured by rope around beak: but I’m a rooster!

Don’t let it bug you man, like-a, we can’t all be perfect

:closing credits: