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All about ‘Bugs Bunny’

Bugs Bunny is the perennially popular, wise cracking rabbit of Merry Melody and Warner Bros cartoons. His trademark "What’s Up, Doc?" is known by everyone in the western world. After winning in 1959, he was often introduced as "the Oscar winning rabbit!".


Bugs visits Scotland (after missing the left at Albuquerque, again) and insults a Scotsman, Angus MacRory, who challenges him to a duel. Of a game of golf! Transcript to come.

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is rewritten when our hero Bugs turns up to meet Papa Bear, Mama Bear and the not very wee little Baby Bear, instead of the golden girl.

Transcript coming soon!

A fairly dumb vulture tries to catch Bugs for his dinner.

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