All the best, hard-to-find cartoons of yesteryear

Cartoons published in 1942:

Elmer Fudd is a Canadian Mountie out to Get His Man (or rabbit, in this case). Much tom foolery in the snow occurs, involving rabbits holes, bombs, handcuffs a fake rifle that never was and Elmer too-big but adorable hat.

Transcript coming soon!

A fairly dumb vulture tries to catch Bugs for his dinner.

A Bugs Bunny cartoon in the older style, we see Bugs back when he was just a little bit nastier than the wabbit we know and love. Elmer is out hunting and is just about to shoot Bugs when he gets a telegam that says he will inherit $3 million – but he has to not harm animals. Bugs, of course, takes full advantage of this…

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