The credits merge into a forest scene. We see a series of signs:

If you’re looking for FUN –
You don’t need a reason
All you need is a gun –
It’s Rabbit Season!

The camera then pans into the forest and we see dozens of ‘Rabbit Season’ signs

The camera focuses on one sign, increasingly triumphant music plays:

Rabbit 150ft Strait (sic) ahead

then moves onto another:

Rabbit 75ft ahead

and another:

Rabbit 25ft ahead

We see Daffy Duck nailing a final sign to a tree:

Rabbit 7-&12frac;ft ahead

Duffy Duck stamps footprints to a rabbit hole, then sneaks away.

Daffy Duck: Awfully unsporting of me I know, but what the hey, I’ve got to have some fun!

Daffy sneaks behind a rock

Daffy Duck: And besides, it’s really duck season.

New Scene:

Elmer Fudd, sneaking into scene with a gun: It’th wabbit theathon! hehe! Oh boy! Wabbit twacks! hehehe! (follows tracks to rabbit hole) Alright wabbit, I know you’re there! (aims gun at hole) If you’re not out in 10 seconds I’ll blast you out!

Scene moves to bugs bunny, in a different rabbit hole.

Elmer Fudd: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. .

Bugs Bunny gets out of his hole, and walks towards Elmer, chewing a carrot

Elmer Fudd: 7, 8, 9, 10!

Elmer starts shooting his gun into the hole, then stops and leans into the hole: Okay wabbit, now I’ve gotcha!

Bugs Bunny, leaning inside of the hole too: Noooow (chews on carrot) What’s up doc? (chews on carrot again)

Both stand up and face each other

Elmar Fudd: I’m hunting wabbits! It’s wabbit season. (Elmer bends down to look at the hole)

Bugs Bunny, still chewing on the carrot: Oh, wabbit season huh? (leans on Elmer’s hat, looking down at the hole, still chewing his carrot) Having any luck?

Elmer Fudd, stands up facing Bugs: Well no, as a matter of fact I haven’t even seen a wabbit yet.

Scene flashes to Daffy Duck, who is surprised and unhappy, then slides back to Elmer and Bugs, with Daffy following.

Daffy Duck, angry, storming towards them: This is preposhteresth! (storms up to Elmer and pushes him backwards) Say what’th the matter with you anyway?! (Stops pushing Elmer over, and stands nose to nose with him) Don’t you even know a rabbit when you see one?! Hmm! (grabs Elmer by the neck and points at Bugs, then pushes him upwards and hands him his gun)

Scene flashes to Bugs.

Bugs Bunny, waving his hand: It’s true doc, I’m a rabbit alright, would you like to shoot me now, or wait ’till you get home?

Scene flashes back to an angry Daffy.

Daffy Duck, jumping in the air and waving his arms about: Shoot him now! Shoot him now!

Bugs Bunny, running up to Daffy, very annoyed: You keep out of this! He doesn’t have to shoot you now!

Daffy Duck, very annoyed, in Bug’s face: He does so have to shoot me now!

Scene flashes to Elmer Fudd, who is very confused, with an annoyed Daffy Duck in his face.

Daffy Duck: I demand that you shoot me now! (crosses his arms, looking very pleased with himself)

Daffy Duck, very pleased, standing next to a confused Elmer , who is confused, who then makes up his mind and aims his gun at Daffy: Nah!

Elmer just shot Daffy, and as the smoke clears, we see that Daffy’s beak is at the top of his head. He twists it down with a grumpy look, then Daffy storms towards Bugs, and starts poking him: Letsh run through that again.

Bugs Bunny, still being poked by Daffy: Okay. Would you like to shoot me now or wait ’till we get home?

Daffy Duck: Shoot him now, shoot him now.

Bugs Bunny: You keep out of this, he doesn’t have to shoot you now.

Daffy Duck, thinking he has caught him out, starts poking Bugs again: Hah! Thatsh it! Hold it right there! Pronoun trouble. (looks suspiciously at Bugs, then continues in a cultured voice) It’sh not ‘he doesn’t have to shoot you now’, it’s ‘he doesn’t have to shoot me now’. (Continues in a loud and angry voice) Well I say he does have to shoot me now!

Scene slips back to Elmer Fudd, who is still confused, with an angry Daffy besides him.

Daffy Duck, really angry, still shouting: So shoot me now!

Elmer Fudd shoots his gun at Daffy again, the smoke clears, and we see Daffy’s head coming out of his mouth! Daffy Duck pushes his beak down so he looks normal again, zips back to Bugs, who has an official look on his face, then freezes in an angry position.

Bugs Bunny: Yes?

Daffy Duck, after pushing himself back to a normal position, assumes a facial expresson likes Bug’s: Oh, no you don’t. (shakes head) Not again. (shakes head again) Thsorry. (Walks over to Elmer, still facing Bugs) Thish time we’ll try it from the other end. (now addressing Elmer) Look, you’re a hunter, right?

Elmer Fudd: Wight.

Daffy Duck: And thiz, ith rabbit seathon, right?

Elmer Fudd: Wight!

Bugs Bunny, entering scene, talking to Elmer: And if he was a rabbit, what would you do?

Daffy Duck, leaning closer to Elmer: Yeah, you’re so smart, (starts shouting at Elmer) if I was a rabbit what would you do?!

Elmer Fudd, looking happier now: Well, I’d – (Elmer jumps back and aims his gun at Daffy)

Daffy Duck, with a really confuddled expression on: Not again!

Elmer Shoots his gun at Daffy, and the smoke clears to show that his beak has been twisted around his face. Daffy takes his beak off, and puts it on right way round. Scene flashes back to Bugs, and Daffy walks in.

Daffy Duck, speaking to Bugs, pauses for a moment: Haha! Very funny! Hahahaha!

Scene flashes back to Elmer.

Elmer Fudd: I’m sowy fellas, but I can’t wait any wonger. (Elmer starts shooting at Daffy and Bugs)

Scene flashes back to Daffy and Bugs running to escape the bullets, leaping and ducking to dodge them, then pans back to show Elmer Fudd running after them, still wildly shooting. It widens back to see Daffy and Bugs dive into a rabbit hole, and Elmer run past, still shooting. Scene goes to Daffy and Bugs hiding in the tunnel, both looking upwards in a scared way.

Bugs Bunny, panting hard, with his arm around Daffy’s shoulder: Peak up and see if he’s still around.

Daffy Duck, taking Bug’s arm off his shoulder: Right-oh. (he grabs the edge of the hole and leans out, and we hear a gunshot, Daffy falls to the ground, while Bugs looks on)

Bugs Bunny: Is he still there?

Daffy Duck, turning to Bugs, then us, with his beak streched out: Thtill lurking about! (He trembles and shuts his eyes)

Bugs Bunny, leaning over to Daffy: I tell you what, you go up and act as a decoy and lure him away. (Daffy looks befuddled)

Daffy Duck, turning to face Bugs: No more for me thankths, (starts waving his hands around) I’m driving. (falls over backwards with a clanging sound)

Bugs Bunny, turing to face us: Ah well, like they say, never send a duck to do a rabbit’s job. (bends down and picks up a pink jumper, which he puts on)

Scene flashes to outside the rabbit hole, where Elmer is waiting with his gun cocked.

Elmer Fudd: Okay, come on out, I got’cha covered.

(Bugs emerges, dreses up as a beautiful blond girl, and walks off)

Elmer Fudd: I – (Elmer watches her walk off, then follows her) Growl!

Scene moves to Bugs, still dressed up, sitting sedately on a log reading a book. A shy Elmer sits down near ‘her’.

Elmer Fudd, with a small smile: Ahem.

Scene flashes back to Daffy, still in the rabbit hole, looking on angrily, then flashes to Elmer, who gets a talking to from the emerging Daffy.

Daffy Duck, upon entering the scene: Surely you’re not gonna be taken in by that old gag?!

Elmer Fudd, still taken in by Bug’s disguise: Isn’t she wuvely? (He faces Daffy, then turns back to Bugs)

Daffy Duck: Hmmph! (Storms over to Bugs) Out of sheer honesty, I demand that you tell him who you are! (Daffy is jumping up and down, while all this time, Bugs is still reading his book, then Daffys crosses his arms and stands up straighter) Well?! haven’t you anything to say?! Anything?!

The scene changes, and we see Elmer sliding over to Bugs, who is still reading his book

Daffy Duck, out of the scene now: Out of sheer honesty?!

(Bugs turns a page, and Elmer flutters his lashes)

Daffy Duck: Hmph!

Bugs Bunny, puts his books down, raises his eyes to the sky, and speaks in a falsetto: Yes, (he slides over to Elmer, whose hat sproings up) I would just love a duck dinner. (he gives Elmer a kiss on the cheek, and Elmer has stars in his eyes)

Scene flashes back to Daffy, who is very unimpressed, and we see Elmer stumble over with a huge smile on his face. Elmer faces us, then shoots Daffy in the head again. When the smoke clears, we see Daffy holding his beak in his hand, then he puts it back on, and the scene flashes back to Bugs, who is reading a book again.

Daffy Duck, walking back to Bugs: I apologise madam, for suspecting your integrity. (he reaches out and kisses bug’s hand, then grabs his wig of blonde hair) Ahha! (Bugs looks shocked, and Daffy runs over to Elmer Fudd) Now’s your chance, hawk-eye, shoot him! shoot him!

Bugs Bunny, wiping his face with a hankerchief: He’s got me dead to rights doc, would you like to shoot him here, or wait ’till you get home?

The scene flashes to Elmer, who is looking at Daffy, and Daffy, who is angry and talking to Bugs.

Daffy Duck: Oh, no you don’t. Not thish time. (Daffy crosses his arms and looks pleased with himself, them talks to Elmer) Wait ’till you get home.

Elmer Fudd, speaking to Daffy: All wight.

Elmer and Daffy walk into the scene arm in arm.

Daffy, looking back at Bugs and pokes his tounge out: Nyeh.

The scene fades out, to show Elmer and Daffy arrive at his house, Elmer opens the door and they both go in, the door shuts, and then we hear a gunshot, and see a big flash of light, then Daffy walks out with his face on backwards. The next scene, and we see Bugs standing looking at Daffy as he walks in, with his face still on backwards. Daffy snaps his beak shut, then turns his head around to face Bugs.

Daffy Duck: You’re dethpicable. (Bugs shrugs his shoulders, and the scene fades out.)

That’s All, Folks!

(Playing time: 6:50)