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All about ‘Elmer Fudd’


Another in the ‘Hunter Trilogy’, We again see Bugs and Daffy each try to get Elmer to shoot the other. Of course, we all know who will win, don’t we!

Elmer Fudd is a Canadian Mountie out to Get His Man (or rabbit, in this case). Much tom foolery in the snow occurs, involving rabbits holes, bombs, handcuffs a fake rifle that never was and Elmer too-big but adorable hat.

A recreation of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, as told by Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny.
“What’s Opera Doc” is one of the most famous Merry Melodies.

Ant Pasted

Characters: Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd is planning is a fun Fourth of July fireworks night, but his fun is interrupted by a nest of ants who take exception to his having fun at their expense!

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