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All about ‘Bugs Bunny’

Bugs Bunny is the perennially popular, wise cracking rabbit of Merry Melody and Warner Bros cartoons. His trademark "What’s Up, Doc?" is known by everyone in the western world. After winning in 1959, he was often introduced as "the Oscar winning rabbit!".


When Yosemite Sam, running for election as Mayor in a small town, promises voters a rabbit in every pot he has gone too far, and Bugs Bunny makes it his job to stop him.

Apparently Bugs Bunny is far older than any of us knew and was also alive in the time of the Roman Empire. This episode sees him encountering Yosemite Sam again, this time Sam is a Legionnaire, out to capture Bugs as a star feature against the lions in the Coliseum!

This 1963 cartoon sees Bugs Bunny taking on Marvin the Martian again – Tricked into a rocket ride, Bugs is surprised to find himself landing on a strange planet. Marvin has spotted him and doesn’t approve of his presence. Of course, we know who will come out on top…

This is the original classic cartoon where Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian first meet. Marvin has been sent to capture an Earth creature. Unfortunately for him, the first creature he encounters is Bugs Bunny…



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