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All about ‘Barnyard Dawg’

The Barnyard Dog is Foghorn Leghorn‘s arch enemy – the two of them spend their lives setting the other up for pain and misery. Fortunately, being a cartoon, none of the injuries cause more than embarrasment.

Other Names

The Dawg started life as a dog called “Mandrake,” Porky Pig‘s pet in 1947’s One Meat Brawl.
He is later seen as Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fudd‘s pet “Wover” in 1958’s Don’t Axe Me, Dawg.
Other names for the Barnyard Dog are George P Dog, and

The Dawg was created by Robert McKimson who also created Foghorn and was voiced by Mel Blanc.

Other characters that Barnyard Dawg plays against include: Henery Hawk, the Weasel, and Sylvester.


Against a background of the Barnyard Dawg and Foghorn setting each other up for pratfalls and injuries, we again meet Henery the baby chicken hawk, who is calmly carrying out a series of tasks that will catch him a chicken. At each turn, Foghorn helps him, not realising that the chickenhawk’s ultimate purpose is to catch him.

This is the first episode with the highly popular baby chicken hawk. Henery is constantly trying to catch a chicken, but first, he has to learn what a chicken is!

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