All the best, hard-to-find cartoons of yesteryear

Cartoons published in 1953:

Another in the ‘Hunter Trilogy’, We again see Bugs and Daffy each try to get Elmer to shoot the other. Of course, we all know who will win, don’t we!

Bugs Bunny gets drafted! How will the US Army cope with its greatest challenge yet – Bugs Bunny as an enlisted man. This timeless post war classic shows Bugs coping with the rigors of boot camp… or as you will see – boot camp coping with Bugs!

Bugs Bunny, suffering under a carrot famine in the North, learns that there are record carrot crops in Alabama, so off he goes. Unfortunately for him, Yosemite Sam is guarding the Mason-Dixie line, unaware that the Civil War is long over.

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