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All about ‘Bugs Bunny’

Bugs Bunny is the perennially popular, wise cracking rabbit of Merry Melody and Warner Bros cartoons. His trademark "What’s Up, Doc?" is known by everyone in the western world. After winning in 1959, he was often introduced as "the Oscar winning rabbit!".


Bugs emerges from his hole in a city park, reading the newspaper on his way to the nearest bank, to withdraw some carrots. Unbeknownst to Bugs, Mugsy drives up to the bank, which Rocky robs. Bugs accidentally walks into Rocky and Mugsy’s getaway car – mistaking it for a taxi – and also mistaking the giant bags of cash for laundry,

Elmer Fudd is a Canadian Mountie out to Get His Man (or rabbit, in this case). Much tom foolery in the snow occurs, involving rabbits holes, bombs, handcuffs a fake rifle that never was and Elmer too-big but adorable hat.

Bugs is flooded out of his rabbit hole while sleeping and finds himself in a mad scientists’ castle. THe mad scientist, done as a caricature of Vincent Price, wants his brain. Bugs runs for it and a big orange monster (Rudolph) is sent after him. Bugs just misses falling in a crocodile pit and bumps into Rudolph. Bugs pretends to be a talkative hairdresser and does the monster’s hair – with dynamite.
Bugs legs it again, and finds some vanishing paint. He covers himself without. He manages to attack Rudolph and then shrinks him. The mad scientist then shows up and manages to pour out some ether which eventually knocks them both out. Water eventually washes the sleeping hare back to his hole, where he wakes to decide it was all a very strange dream – but is very confused when the tiny Rudolph rows past.

Summary (includes spoilers) Bugs is riding in the mail car of a train, singing a goofy song, when a pint-sized bandit attempts to rob the train, only to have it pass clear over his head. He calls for his horse, but he needs a rolling step-stair to mount. He catches up and boards the train […]

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